About Me


I was born in July of 1985 in North Kansas City, MO. I lived in the Kansas City area until recently when I moved with my parents to Fort Worth, Texas. I have a younger sister who is currently attending college courses. My parents have been happily married for 27 years. We have two dogs, Sandy, a golden retriever, and Belle, a black lab mix.

I am a computer science graduate from Truman State University. This site was mostly fleshed out in CS 315: Internet Programming, but has been significantly altered since then. The beginning of my junior year I joined Tau Kappa Epsilon, and served as the secretary for two years since becoming an active member.

Early in my childhood my parents had jobs that involved a lot of travel, but it would only be for a weekend or a couple of days. Instead of leaving me and my sister behind, they would take us with them. As such I have become accustomed to road travel, and air travel, and attribute my large amount of patience to the times we got stuck in traffic jams for several hours when I was little. This also allowed us to go to Florida more than a dozen times, and visit most of the states in the Midwest and on the East Coast.


As far as interests go my main one is video gaming. I own many games for both the PC and various console systems. I also like surfing the Internet, reading books by Vonnegut and Neil Gaiman currently, and listening to classical music. My current favorite composer is Claude DeBussey.

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