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Monday, January 12, 2009


Not like anyone else would be posting here, but the title does serve as a reminder that this is the Internet, and as such, it is not exactly the most high-brow of places.

This is my blog section, it is powered by WordPress, which is probably fairly obvious at the moment, but I may get around to editing some things and making it look less like it was easily installed in a single-click.  I did separate into its own directory for a reason though, I’m going to create the rest of my site myself, asides from the gallery, although that remains to be seen.  I’m going to check that software out and see if I like it and also think that it is beyond my means to create without spending a significant portion of my time, much like this blogging software.

The site is up mainly because I had some extra money due to some expenses being cheaper than I thought they would be this semester, and the fact that DreamHost was running a deal, although since the deal ended everyday but did not actually end, I am beginning to question whether or not it is actually a deal in the conventional way.  The other reason is so I could register the domain before someone else did like with or  The current title and tag line of this blog are most likely temporary, but the tag line is defining the title for those of you who do not get it right away.  Also it does not apply to me, it is just a joke.  Although if I could I would save someone’s life, but I have no intention of stealing anyone’s car.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this goes.

posted by Brian Murray at 11:11 pm  

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